GM William J. Spence visit with GGM

GM William J. Spence visit with GGM – IKF KUNTAW

Notice: This is the official facebook page of the International Kuntaw Federation. The only site and FB for GGM Carlito Lanada Sr. and GM Carlito Lanada Jr. The domain name ‘‘ has been acquired by Canada and Virgina. There is another facebook page /kuntawikf which claims to be the official page, but it is not. It is being run by the false IKF in Canada and Virginia.

The main IKF site is ‘‘. And this is the main FB site

The false sites, which includes, is putting false information out.
As witness below GGM promoted GM William Spence to GM rank in 2012. This photo was taken last week as William Spence visited his father-in-law and teacher as he is a First Generation student and part of the Lanada family.

GM William Spence has been studying Kuntaw since 1978. He was promoted to Black Belt at the 1979 IKF inauguration and was appointed as the IKF secretary. He became the 3rd active member of the IKF at that time.

He faithfully fulfilled that role until he became the President/Executive Director.

With the many changes in mind of the GGM there were others.

Then in 2012 GGM promoted me to GM and I took on being the Executive Director again.

GGM is now in a very fragile state after his stroke. He has become highly susceptible to anything people say. That is why he has also been dooped out of the IKF name and logo:

Registration Number: 4390805


Registration Number: 4297515

Description of Mark: Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the literal elements “W W” written in stylized form wherein inverted letter “W” separated by a belt knuckle and all this is placed inside a circle.


To all Kuntaw World Wide, the International Kuntaw Federation is no more. It is officially DISBANNED as of now. Any and all past, present and future notices, emails, documents, certificates, etc. are hereby nullified.

The new organization is “IKF WORLD KUNTAW  FEDERATION”

Stay tuned!


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