GM Steven Dowd visit with GGM

Last May of 2015 I finally accepted the rank of Grandmaster from Great Grandmaster Carlito A. Lanada Sr. of Kuntaw after being offered many times since 1996. Some had a problem with it and said it was not true – certificate –

While on my way to the Remy Presas Hall of Fame Foundation 2016 at the Villanova University, after visiting with Guro Jerome Teague in Nashville, and my daughter and grand kids in Concord, N. Carolina, I passed through Wilson, N Carolina and visited with Great Grandmaster Lanada. – picture Great Grandmaster Lanada and myself with certificate –

Also presented Great Grandmaster Lanada with a painting of a picture I took of him while taking pictures of my first Kuntaw book at the school on base at the Subic Naval Station in the Philippines in 1977, and then had it painted by a friend in 1978. – Great Grandmaster with painting – 
When first receiving the certificate I asked him about it since he had moved to N. Carolina from San Diego CA, and this is what he responded.

Kyud Steven

With regards to your promotion to Grandmaster, everything okay, you’re so qualified. Anyone question your credential I will answer them.

Your loyal to the Federation, seniority and support were enough of being Grandmaster to the Kuntaw World Federation.

Kyud Lito A. Lanada Sr.
Founder & Executive Director of the Federation.
Had a long talk with Great Grandmaster Lanada and his wife Kyudai Mely, and dinner – picture Great Grandmaster Lanada and his wife Kyudai Mely – and – dinner – Also Kyud Al and his wife and family. Thanks for helping me get to Great Grandmaster.

So to those that; have a problem deal with it – cause all I can say to you is dilligaf.
It is not the certificate but the knowledge that counts. I have the knowledge do you?

Also tried to visit with Kyudai Alicia and Kyud Bill of Kuntaw legacy, but was told before the trip they would be up north at an event for their daughter, sorry I missed them, maybe next time.

Steven Dowd promoted and promulgated Kuntaw and Great Grandmaster Lanada, Grandmaster Dowd has served as:
1978 – 1982 Maharlika Kuntaw Federation – Director U.S.A.
1978 – 1982 Kuntaw ng Pilipinas – Coordinator U.S.A. Subic Naval Base, Philippines
1979 – 1982 – Member Board of Director International Kuntaw Federation
President of the IKF from 1982 – 1991

Also writing many articles for various magazines, and in the FMAdigest and FMA Informative newspaper and issues and books.

Articles written on Kuntaw by Steven Dowd

– The Art of Kuntaw – Inside Kung-Fu – June 1983 / Vol 10 No 6…/…/Inside_Kung-Fu-June1983.pdf

– Sweep Your Opponent – The Kuntaw Way! – Inside Kung-Fu – May 1984 / Vol 11 No 5…/…/Inside_Kung-Fu-May1984.pdf

– The Man Behind the Art of Kuntaw – Inside Kung-Fu – January 1995 – Vol 22 No 1…/…/Inside_Kung-Fu-January1995.pdf

– Sayaw-An — The Dancing Techniques of Kuntaw – Martial Arts Masters – March 1995 \ Vol 3 No 2…/FMA/Martial-Arts_Masters-March1995.pdf

– Showing the Forms of Filipino Kuntaw – Journal of Asian Martial Arts – 1997 – Vol 6 No 2
(Note: The Publisher changed the title by adding Lima-Lima which has nothing to do with the article)…/Journal-of-Asian_Martial-Arts-1997.pdf

– Kuntaw – Filipino Martial Arts magazine – May/June 1998 – Vol 1 No 3…/Filipino-Martial-Arts_magazine-2003.p…

– The Basic Principles and Power of Kuntaw – The World of Martial Arts – 
January/February 1999…/The-World-of-Martial-Arts-Jan-Feb1999…

Kuntaw Endet Mit W Und Nicht Mit O – El-Juramentado (German magazine) – August 2001…/…/El-Juramentado-August2001.pdf

Grandmaster Carlito Lanada – Filipino Martial Arts magazine – 2003 – Vol 5 No 2
(Note: Was written for FMA magazine 2003 Man of the Year)…/Filipino-Martial-Arts_magazine-2003-v…

FMA Informative

FMA Informative Issue #4 – Kuntaw – Basics…/…/FMA_Informative-Issue4.pdf

FMA Informative Issue #29 – Kuntaw – Sayaw-An of Kuntaw…/…/FMA_Informative-Issue29.pdd

Uses Kuntaw as an example:
Informative Issue No #85 – Do You Have the Knowledge…/…/FMA_Informative-Issue85.pdf

Kuntaw “The Ancient Filipino Art of Hand & Foot Fighting”
Volume I
[Out of Print] 
1978 Koinonia Publications

Sayaw – An
“The Dancing Techniques of Kuntaw”
[Out of Print] 
1999 Koinonia Publications

Kuntaw ng Pilipinas
“The Filipino Art of Hand & Foot Fighting”
White Belt – Black Belt 70’s
[Out of Print]
2000 Maharlika Enterprizes

Kuntaw ng Pilipinas
Beginners Guide
[Out of Print]
2002, Maharlika Publications

Kuntaw ng Pilipinas
Maya – Silangan – Singkilan
[Out of Print] 
2002, Maharlika Publications

Kuntaw ng Pilipinas
Kuntaw – Isa, Dilawa, Tatlo – Bonus Mayon
[Out of Print]
2003, Maharlika Publications

Kuntaw – Personal Training and Experiences in the Art of Kuntaw
[Out of Print]
2014 Maharlika Enterprizes


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